20 things you don’t know about me

  1. I love Cola, I can drink loads of it; but don’t do it anymore cause of health reasons.

  2. I’m more a tabs than a spaces guy.

  3. I am a big fan of open source and have supported lots of projects (see my GitHub profile).

  4. I like to solve problems mainly by engineering a solution.

  5. Strategy games are my favorite ones. I played Warcraft, StarCraft, Red Alert, DOTA and I loved them. But I hate RPGs.

  6. I dislike Consoles (except the retro ones), Apple products, Microsoft, and lately Google is trying really hard to get got on my hate list.

  7. I dream a world fully tech integrated where robots and AI have become part of our everyday lives. Must see movies about AI: The Matrix, Terminator, Ex Machina, I Robot and more.

  8. I like to play ping pong and I’m looking for opponents.

  9. (Vegetarian) Pizza + Coke+ Movie = Good Weekend.

  10. I must confess I haven’t quite understood twitter yet (@panigrc). Don’t need to, I am using Mastodon (@panigrc@mastodon.social) now 🐘.

  11. I’m laughing my ass of with comedies; Movies, Shows or YouTube videos (favorite channels here).

  12. Logic is my way of thinking and love learning about science, astronomy, that’s why I listen to Star Talk Radio Podcast and watch DNews (now called Seeker).

  13. Web development is what I do for living. My first website I’ve ever uploaded is x-park.gr(see the archives) at 2004 and from then I’ve created and uploaded dozens of websites.

  14. I would like to write a science fiction book, but haven’t written a single page yet; well that’s a lie, I’ve written a couple of pages.

  15. I work (currently) in the basement … literally in Germany.

  16. I like to work at night, because of the obvious reasons of course, as almost every programmer in the world – my current life style doesn’t allow such perks.

  17. My hobbies are programming (obviously), but also electronics, I love to build stuff and program Arduinos. I build projects for fun but also for solving everyday problems. See for example my automated chicken coop door.

  18. I am a Linux user and love the console/terminal.

  19. I like to travel, but not for seeing the sights, but for visiting meetups, maker fares and hackerspaces.

  20. Well if you reached so far, here is last but not least thing you don’t know about me. I am eager to know new people, to share ideas, to discuss about the future. So if you share the same desire I would be happy if you’d drop me a tweet/toot/comment/message/issue.